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Coal Mining


KTC Group established itself firmly in a highly competitive earthworks and construction market in Singapore. As a diversification strategy and in anticipation of the growing market demand for economical energy, KTC Group entered the coal business in Kalimantan, Indonesia in 2005 under PT. KTC Coal Mining & Energy.
Our vast experience and knowledge in the earthwork and construction work in Singapore is a huge strength for us when it comes to managing open-pit coal mining in Indonesia. Combined with our seven Core Values (Safety, Professionalism, People – Centeredness, Ownership, Teamwork, Integrity and Quality), we have established ourselves as a responsible and reliable operator in coal mining industry. This is proven with our good track record of coal deliveries.
We operate our mining business with in-house design and planning teams, heavy machineries, articulated trucks including jetty facilities for barging services and own coal testing laboratories. With increasing global demand for coal, we can easily foresee that our coal mining operations in Indonesia will continue to expand and contribute significantly to our growth.
When we entered this business in 2005, our coal production was only about 0.5 million tons. This has now steadily increased to 3.1 million tons in the year 2011. We are confident that our production will rise further in the coming years with more expansion plans on the anvil.