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T218 – Construction of Orchard Boulevard Station for Thomson-East Coast Line
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T218 – Construction of Orchard Boulevard Station for Thomson-East Coast Line
Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Contract Value:
S$ 142.5 Million
Contract Duration:
May 2014 – December 2020
KTC Civil Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd has been awarded contract T218, worth S$142.5 million, by the Land Transport Authority to build the proposed Orchard Boulevard Station (OBV) for the upcoming Thomson-East Coast MRT Line on 27 May 2014. OBV Station box is about 35m wide and 117m long, located at the junction of Orchard Boulevard and Grange Road. The formation level of the station box is at +86 mRL which is approximately 32m below existing ground level. The gross floor area of the station is 16,528m2.
The underground structure will be constructed with top-down construction method due to the close proximity of surrounding buildings, tight traffic junction and land constraint. Diaphragm wall with steel struts will be constructed as the earth retaining or stabilising system for the station. All skin walls, internal walls, columns and construction openings will be constructed via bottom-up after the base slab has been casted.
The western part of the MRT station is located beneath the busy junction of Grange Road and Orchard Boulevard. As a result, 3 traffic diversions are required to complete the intended construction. In addition to the above, 3 more stages of traffic diversions are necessary for the construction of the station’s Entrance B located along Grange Road and right beside Singapore Tourism Board.
There are also multi-interfaces with neighbouring contracts, T217 for the construction of Napier Station, T219 for the construction of Orchard Station, and PUB’s Stamford Diversion Canal. Close coordination and meticulous planning are imperative to ensure smooth and timely implementation of work activities.
An underpass connecting OBV’s station box and Entrance B will be constructed using a trenchless method via jacking of pipe roof. This will form an enclosed section around the underpass to execute work activities safely without affecting the street level condition.