Chairman’s Statement

"Based on the expertise acquired over almost 30 years, we endeavour to enhance our standards of excellence and to surpass the expectations of both our customers and ourselves."

- Chua Lai Seng

KTC Group is a local enterprise with diverse interest in civil engineering, infrastructure, earthworks and building development in Singapore. The Group operates under a few companies with KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd and Kok Tong Construction Pte Ltd being its flagship arms in both Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Works and Earthworks respectively. Set up in 1988 undertaking earthworks and basement excavation works, KTC Group of companies has since established a trusted reputation with many business partners including Authorities, Developers and Main Contractors. Over the years, with a strong belief in safety, quality and timely completion, we grew to what we are today with several prominent and iconic projects under our name.

Besides Singapore, the Group also has a significant presence in the coal mining industry in Kalimantan, Indonesia. This overseas venture started in 2005 and has since grown from ground zero to becoming an established coal mining and trading business. To build on our growth and facilitate the expansion plan, a new headquarter was constructed in Samarinda in 2012.

In KTC, we believe that all challenges can be overcome and are guided by our 7 Core Values in all aspect of our works. We value our people and strive to continually improve ourselves while rendering reliable and top quality services to all our Business Partners and Clients.

We now operate from our headquarters at 27 Pandan Crescent S(128476) in Singapore and Jalan Trikora RT11 No. 52, Samarinda 75242 East Kalimantan in Indonesia.